Launching Bonilash in Romania through a Venetian Cocktail at Noblesse Palace

Romania was choose to be the first country from Zdrovit Holding,  where Bonilash the
revolutionary eyelashes serum was launched. We took care about the whole strategy in Romania: site, fb page, promotional materials and PR campaign.
Choosind the KOL, Andreea Ibacka for endorsing our product using tactics as tutorials, videos, endorser for TV appereances, etc. She was also the MC of the press event and the image for the TV spot. Over 60 bloggers and celebrities tested Bonilash and took photos using the product, reviews or inserted the product in their beauty news. After the PR campaign we obtained 210 media appearances and 1700 Indoor Digital videos with a value over 100.000 euro.
EYES are always attracting other eyes!
That`s why, at the entrance our lady journalists received a venetian mask and they took pictures with it at the spider, having in their hands the speech bubbles with funny messages. Over 130 journalists and bloggers from the most important magazines.

*project made with the participation of Mariana Sebe

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