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When you believe in you, all the others will believe in you! But before this, first, you need to be seen.

After they see you, if they receive the right message and they will play in the story they`ve always been waiting for, they will also trust you and if they trust you, your duty is not to cheat their trust, but to respect it. Building a positive image on a responsible reality, this is what we do. We will make them all talk about you, feel you, try you, invest on you, they will even put their hopes on you and they might change their attitudes and behaviour and because of this, we will make you fight to become a better version of yourself day after day.

A more responsible communication determines a sustanaible long term story and a happier society!

Mariana Sebe
General Strategic Manager PR Avenue SUISSE


360° Communication Strategy



Online communication

Using an out of the box concept and the tactics around it from trigger to thank you note, all these tiny details and shades are creating the story, guaranteeing an unforgettable event.

TV Product placement

Radio – spot production and campaigns

Strategy and brand consulting


Integrated Production



Social Media accounts & Influence



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