A mass-media event for launching the silent vacuum cleaner – Rowenta
Silence Force – was the mission. Not a simple press conference, but an engaging
The invitation to the press conference sent to the Journalists was
accompanied by a quiet whistle for transmitting the idea of absolute silence, just
like Rowenta Silence Force. At the event location, the hostesses were dressed up
like Freddie Mercury in the clip “I want to break free”, handling a Rowenta vacuum
cleaner from the entrance of Media Galaxy store to Home&Cinema department.
The entire set-up inspired the atmosphere of this clip: lights, colors, furniture. Dan
Puric provided the entertainment in a pantomime scene and Rodica-Popescu
Bitanescu in a small play, both creatively describing product benefits. At the end all
guests received as a present... guess what... a little broom.

*project made with the participation of Mariana Sebe

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