Launching Duplicity – by Alexandra Calafeteanu

On 20th of May took place the launch event of the collection F / W 2016 Duplicity
signed by Alexandra Calafeteanu. A fashion show as a manifesto for a duplicity available only for clothing, where textures, designs and colors combine in an almost decadent dance that catches
volume and contour and dress any silhouette into a mix of femininity and boldness. The concept of duplicity also reflected in hairstyle, so models walked down the catwalk presenting hairstyles which seemed different when viewed from different angles. Half of the hair was kept natural, to express simplicity and naturalness, and the other half was volumized in order to express a woman’s complexity and strength. A dual hairstyle for which VOLUME ‘24 ROWENTA RESPECTISSIM was used, the
only styling appliance for volume from root to top in the world that lasts the entire
day. Just like ‘Duplicity’, Rowenta Volum’24 Respectissim is unique! A styling appliance
that gives volume to your hair from root to top and protects the hair in the same time. It works at a mild temperature of only 170 ° C – the right temperature for getting volume and mantaining the structure of the hair intact, without damaging it. Numerous celebrities, fashion editors, stylists and bloggers discovered a collection that tells the story of a woman trapped in a room of
mirrors where each mirror reflects back a different side of the woman standing in
front of it. A black & white evening where elegance danced with extravagance on
rock music of those from “CAMIOANE IN MULTIME “ band and ended with
ALESSANDRO SAFINA as a special guest.  
“Luna”, the well-known song of the famous tenor, was used as a symbol of the
outfits’ feminity, refinement and romanticism, offering to the guests a sample of the new
pop-opera music – a style that combines both pop music and classical opera in a
very natural and pleasant way.

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