Hommage à Sisi

At PR Avenue`s initiative an exquisite event took place on 24th of April 2018 in Bucharest as a tribute to celebrate 180 years from the birth of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary.

Bringing the royal elements in our modern time, we only revealed an unique event, hommage to the one who was called the empress of people, always fighting for their happiness and beliefs.


With Hommage à Sisi initiative, I wanted to see in Bucharest a different kind of event, unique, which brings back in front of the audience values as courage, dignity, honor, verticality in the same place with beauty, luxury, art. Something with authentic content and to prove is not a contradiction between the past and the present. More than 250 people attended: over 10 embassies, princes, companies, chambers of commerce, mass media, TV stations, celebrities, key people and the media coverage has more than 250 appearances.


It was a mixt of cultures, underlined by all the details and of course by the mixt of collections - The reinterpretation of Sisi nowadays by a Romanian and by an Austrian designer.

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