360° Communication Strategy



Online communication

Using an out of the box concept and the tactics around it from trigger to thank you note, all these tiny details and shades are creating the story, guaranteeing an unforgettable event.

TV Product placement

Radio – spot production and campaigns

Strategy and brand consulting


Integrated Production



Social Media accounts & Influence



It has a personal approach and it’s cost effective! It’s building image, exercising an un-neglected influence

Over society, always through persuasion, not manipulation. No matter how you choose to communicate, using key opinion leaders - two step flow of communication, direct approach, lobby, CSR, a wise PR strategy influences the opinions, obtaining in time the change of the attitude, behavior, raising a question mark even over your personal beliefs!

PR is taking the control and so are you! It’s preventing, solving, anticipating the change of behavior of the final client, or it’s preparing the field for implementing new successful strategies.

It’s personal, close, it has human touch, it’s the ground, but also the glamour of publicity.

PR is the interface between the company and its target, is a force which disseminates the information, creating a context for it, adding relevance, making it count and creating the story the audience needs and wants to hear. Communication strategy is always tailor made, matching the product or the service with its target!

It’s required at any level of the business! Designates presidents, pulls down governments, it starts or

justifies wars!... In one word, it’s CONQUERING!

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