Spanish Breakfast, by Cameleonia!

On a Tuesday morning, at Grand Cafe Van Gogh nothing stayed in our way to enjoy a meditereanean breakfast in Cameleoniauniverse. Electric colours, sangria and stories old for centuries. Cameleonia magicembraced us offerind to all our guests a holiday morning in the heart of Bucharest.In the middle of the summer, over 100 journalists said yes to our proposal andjoined at a breakfast wich reminded them of the mornings from MediteraneanCoast. All the Spain lovers who are in love with sangria and wanted to start the daysurrounded by colours and a good summerish energy attended Cameleonia
Spanish breakfast. On a flamenco vibe and with the scent of the summer holiday, our cameleonic
story got wings and become alive. Over 100 media appearances and a boom on facebook and instagram. After that morning everyone knows about the only Spanish hand-painted pottery store in Romania.

*project made with the participation of Mariana Sebe

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