The Ultimate Kiss dedicated to the power of love by Freywille

Royal Ballroom from the National Museum of Art
Art, violins and ballet dancers highlighted by the fall`s gentle touch at the Royal
Heart of Romania for the launch of the Hommage à Gustave Klimt set: The Ultimate Kiss. Over 350 special and VIP guests: embassies, business envinronment, mass media, famous TV hosts, actors and singers, gold medalists at the Olympics were present at the most exquisite event of the fall, to celebrate with Freywille at the National Museum of Art, 65 years of artistic design in fire enamel and 7 magical years in Romania. Mesmerizing beauty in the name of love and pure art presented in a fascinating symbolistic story the colour of life itself. Retrocars bringing the special guests on
the red carpet, celebrities wearing Freywille jewelry, ballet dancers presenting the colection through an amazing choreography and wearing a special collection created by Alexandra Calafeteanu, a cvartet playing clasical music, soft flowers, they all offered in one word a magical night. In a royal universe, our guests embraced the love, the elegancy, the art and the nature at the Ultimate Kiss launch.
Special news on TV and over 200 media appereances presented the greatness of the event and the special concept of The Ultimate Kiss Collection event.

*project made with the participation of Mariana Sebe

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