Thermomix, the revolution of the new lifestyle

Cooking and lifestyle journalists and bloggers came to see with their own eyes, how a single cooking appliance can replace 12 regular appliances and how easy is to have a healthy lifestyle. A new paradigm is at only one touch distance. Thermomix® representatives together with Gabriela Simion, lifestyle, food and travel blogger and Mircea Niculescu, Chef Café Athenée Palace Hilton have
surprised the guests with a totally new experience in the kitchen. Everyone forgot everything they knew before. All the guests were involved in preparing delicious plates and drinks with thermomix only in a few minutes and the good time was the key word. Even the bell boy from Hilton had a role in our scenario - he brought Gabriela`s suitcases because he heard she`s starting to cook. But guess what? with Thermomix, she didn`t need all the other cooking products anymore.
At the event the guests dared to step into a new universe: of good taste, inovation and with more time spent with the one they love the most.

*project made with the participation of Mariana Sebe

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