The Pet Food Producers Association wanted to raise children awareness on
responsible pet care.
5429 children from 61 schools in Bucharest attended the educational
program “The ABC for pets”. Four vets explained the criteria for choosing a pet and
how should children feed and take care of them. The meetings were interactive
and simple, so that every child understood the rules of cohabiting with an animal.
Moreover, the professors had also the chance to learn interesting things about
pets, like the positive psychological effect that pets have upon children
development. The program ended with an important event for pet lovers, that took
place on the 1st of June, in Herastrau Park, and it was presented by Florentina
Opris. Contests, dog training, exhibitions, pet fashion, face painting and other
interesting activities made the day for approximately children, parents and pet
lovers. The program had a very good media coverage.

*project made with the participation of Mariana Sebe

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