ActiveWatch – “An accesible city for people”

The march took place on 19th of July and it was dedicated to the rights of
pedestrians in Bucharest, where the walking infrastructure is very poor. The march
was organized by ActiveWatch, OPTAR and ONPHR. The tasks were to spread the news and to plan and implement additional BTL actions.
We started by writing and disseminating the press release announcing
the march. The highlight of the press release was the experiment conducted by the
organizers, which revealed the problems that a person in wheelchair has to face for
crossing the intersection of University Square, due to the lack of public space
accessibility. We also promoted the march and the experiment via web banners,
social media and news. Another BTL awareness and teaser action took place on
the underground, where 3 persons in wheelchairs were “Heroes for one day” and
invited people to come to the march. Journalists were invited to this action and
they interviewed the “heroes”. The action was filmed and we’ve made a short
movie, with the soundtrack “Heroes” by David Bowie.

*project made with the participation of Mariana Sebe

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