The Night of the Adeaters

The most awaited event of the year by advertising fans, the 19th edition of
Night of the Adeaters. It was held on November 7 at the Polyvalent Hall from
Bucharest. Communication at superlative was the key word!
Projections worldwide viewed, live and interactive atmosphere and
made the delight of advertising addicted, until dawn. In a seven hours
of interactive program, enthusiasts have watched commercials debated by famous
communication& advertising specialists. It surely convinced the audience – thousands
of people – that Romania is still rolling in advertising industry! Jean-Marie
Boursicot, the creator of the concept was also present. As was expected, original
contests and the very special moments glamoured the event, where the fun had
the place of honour all night long. The 19th edition of Night of the Adeaters scored
a huge success in terms of media coverage, being an event which undoubtedly
remained for loooong time in the collective memory!

*project made with the participation of Mariana Sebe

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