Takko Fashion – Press Event in Vulcan Value Center

 The new fall collection was a good opportunity to meet with the journalists for the
first time in one of our stores. The event took place in September 2014, in Vulcan
Value Center, a new and trendy location.
In purpose of socializing, the press event was full of entertaining
moments and stylish news. At the entrance, our guests, fashion editors from the
most popular Romanian magazines could take some pictures with an inspirational
speech bubble at their choice. Afterwards, it followed a fashion show to the delight
of our bloggers and fashion journalists. In order to win accessories, the girls
participated at Takko Fashion Hunt. Inside the store, there were hidden 20 inspiring
quotes. Those who would find one of the quotes would have the opportunity to
chose their favorite accessory. During the event, there was a great atmosphere
entertained by the one and only Vasile Calofir, one of the greatest Romanian actors.
His humor and acting talent were the life of the event and offered to the girls some
memorable moments. It was a perfect morning at the beginning of September.

*project made with the participation of Mariana Sebe

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